Corroboree on Country


As the dancers do a corroboree to the sound of the clapsticks, it is one of joy and celebration. I was there at the Cairns Courthouse in March 2013 when my Tableland Yidinji people won a 10 year native title claim that recognized we had rights to land near Tinaroo Falls though for most of that land, it was shared rights i.e. non-exclusive. Corroborees tell stories through dance. This was a happy story that recognized the tireless efforts of the elders who had worked for this native title claim. We honour them and the legacy they leave for us.


There is a rhythm of the land and a sound of creation. The open air seems to create space. We dance on injustice. And we honour our Creator as the heavens open to bless every tribe, people group and language.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 1970cm x 980cm

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