Reconciliation Flag


I was inspired to design a new flag for Australia as we enter Reconciliation Week to recognize that Aboriginal people were the first nation people of Australia. The Southern Cross constellation made up of five white stars has been retained and this has been used to represent Australia since the early days of British settlement. The Commonwealth or Federation star which is the large white seven-pointed star representing the states and territories of Australia is still featured and the dark blue background of the current flag. However, I have replaced the Union Jack or Union Flag which is the flag of the British Empire with a large boomerang in red ochre. The red ochre and black are from the Aboriginal flag and the blue and white are from the Torres Strait Islander flag. There are also black and white strips representing the multicultural nature of our nation which includes all nations who have made Australia their home.

I have written a song called “Reconciliation” which can be accessed from scanning the QR on the back cover of my book “Reef and Rainforest.”

Height: 980cm
Width: 970cm

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Dimensions 970 × 980 cm