Under Rainforest Waterfalls


My inspiration for this painting is Milla Milla Falls where I love to swim. The water is very cold in winter because of the altitude of the Atherton Tablelands and my wife couldn’t believe I encouraged her to swim in it one winter. She did and jumped out quickly. I love the cold water myself.

Standing under the waterfall is like having a massage as it pounds down on my head, shoulders and back. I love the freshness and often extend my hands to enjoy the feel of the falling water.

I love the rainforest canopy around the waterfall. It has a natural beauty with the ferns, palms and vines. I saw the shapes of boomerangs and a gunyah in the surrounding foliage so I etched it in.

Milla Milla is an Aboriginal phrase meaning plenty of water or waterfall. The Milla Milla Falls are known as a plunge waterfall because its fast-moving water falls vertically, losing complete contact with the bedrock surface. The horizontal thrust of the water before it falls causes it to lose contact. The falls are over 18m high with a natural pool suitable for swimming at its base.

Height: 46cm
Width: 34cm

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Dimensions 34 × 46 cm